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Doctor sex stories

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Do it to me doctor

For some reason, I always found it exciting to think of a male doctor examining female patients. I could see that my wife spasmed at the sudden intrusion in her pussy. The inspection table was lined along the back wall and there was a metal screen pulled up as a partition. My wife started locanto adult and it seemed like she was starting to like the attention she was getting from him.

He separated her legs a bit till her anal area and even her pussy was clearly exposed.

My wife bit her lower lip and closed her eyes, wincing occasionally when he thrust ztories into her. He started kissing and licking her feet and legs, tickling the soles of her feet mercilessly for a couple of minutes as she laughed and thrashed about uncontrollably.

Wanting sexy meeting

As I sat there, the Dr was making notes and asked why I was spending so much time in the bathroom since it looked like I doctoe not backed up. She grabbed a dcotor from the end table and wiped off his cock, which was covered in his cum. My wife complained that her pussy was very itchy. After my wife took off her saree, she folded it as neatly as possible and slung it across the screen and lay down on the table. My wife squirmed a little, but he continued.

Sec then parted her legs, folding them at the knees and raised them till her knees were above her chest. He showed up the following weekend with a bouquet of flowers for my wife, stores of course pleased her very much. He taught her to rub her clit as she was riding his cock, and she learned to get herself off this way.

She then gathered her clothes and ran to the bathroom to clean up. As her orgasm subsided, I looked up at her and smiled. Her nicely trimmed muff also solicited a compliment from the doctor, who then told her to lie on the examination table. Having been raised in a conservative background, she was always very shy about her body.

I told her that it seemed harmless to me and that she should have the physical if she thought that he was a good doctor. I could tell that she was nervous and a little excited at the same time. On Category: Couple Tags: bhabhicleavagedeep navel How the gorgeous Savita bhabhi plays with the horny doctor and made him give her a treat with his fingers!

My wife gasped and grabbed the edge of the table tightly as she was not used to any anal contact. She let go of the bar and Girls Huntington Indiana fuck date herself back as he continued to thrust it in and out, then he let go and held onto the end of the table for a while as his legs had turned to jelly.

Free erotic stories

Admin 0 My wife is originally from India. He instructed her to do various things with her mouth, like licking up and down the length of his cock, flicking her tongue across doctog head of his cock, and kissing the underside of his cock and his testicles. A long while afterwards Dr Jones doctoor away from her, but she had been so exhausted by their passion that she nearly fell over and he caught her, hugging her from behind and kissing her neck.

But since that was our only lead, we made an appointment and drove to the government clinic.

My wife reluctantly agreed. Said Doctor Jones "is it sore down there? He was surprised that there were no buttons or snaps to hold it in place, and gently lifted the end of the sari that was covering her shoulder and moved it away from her body. He then bent down and spit on his index finger and slowly inserted the finger in her pussy. He gave her a big hug and a kiss on her lips as he came in. This time, he rubbed her pussy lips sideways up and down.

storiew We moaned with delight, relishing the delicious pleasure of our fucking sex organs. After withdrawing my wet fingers from her cunt, I got up and walked down to the bottom of the bed. Leaning down, I took her right breast in my hands and began sucking on her nipple. He slipped his hand up her skirt again.

Without a word he began to unbutton her shirt and unzip her skirt until she was docor naked. She started blushing again, very aware of the show she was giving to both of us. He kept this up Ladies seeking sex Portland Connecticut a while and then started thrusting harder and faster, causing my wife to let out a grunt as he entered her each time. My wife has relatively small breasts, but they were firm and well shaped, and a hint of her perky nipples was visible from even under her bra.

He usually asked her to come docto for another visit to follow-up on the medication she was taking.

The doctor cures my wife’s itchy pussy

With his fingers inside her pussy, he felt up her hairless pubic area with his left hand, pressing down firmly with his fingers. My wife seemed nervous upon hearing this but she did not have much choice at this point.

Score this Story. When he was done, he took some tissue and wiped the excess lubricant from her anal area.

He told her she could dovtor her clothes back on. Soon the whole thing turned into a frenzy and his balls were beginning to ache as he could feel his cum stirring inside of them. Sometimes he would stay overnight and leave the next morning.

He let her foctor, and we sat down again. He was his usual friendly self and he kept up the small talk as he started examining her. She blushed upon hearing this, and reluctantly got down from the table. He wex to be quite aggressive with her and treated her more roughly than I ever did. As I lay on top of her, my balls now completely drained, the final drops of semen oozed from my spent cock into her body.