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Drunken sex stories

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She already gave me warts.

Age: 49
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City: Waldport
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Hooked up with random guy wearing eyeliner. I slept on the couch that night.

Here’s 14 stories from people who’ve had some truly embarrassing and f*cked up drunk sex

We both had a good time. It was Halloween. Other known details of the night: I woke up wearing underwear that were different from the night before. She began telling me that I was fingering this girl and she tried to take my pants off. Holy shit. I was downstairs for druunken bit with some friends.

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When I went to check on her she was half sleep but was aware what's happening. Anyway one day, my middle school crush texted me. Well apparently my drunk ass was a problem. She politely declined.

I remember her saying stuff like, Wow that stuff really does burn. Everything goes pretty well at first; lots of lube, toys come out of my butt clean, etc.

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However not many guys xtories back for the after party so I decided to go to the hotel room to take Natasha home. Her body is amazing. I have no shame. We catch up to them after some time bumbling around the hotel; I look ridiculous the whole time, clinging onto him like a seeing eye dog as we stumble around. I then moved outside and start talking to some other people.

Next she told me that if I want I can fuck her till the morning and she will not tell my wife. Then she told me 2 months ago same thing happen to her at her friends birthday party, where she got too drunk and a guy at the party helped her in the room and they had sex.

On Category: Couple Tags: blowjobdrunkmarried woman My neighbors wife understood my intention and she wanted to keep it secret. I noticed she had a nasty gash on her arm.

I got more drunk, met some random guy that took me up to his vrunken. She asks me if I have ever wanted to try that Fire Lube. I rubbed the hand soap in the sensitive area and went back to town.

The dress that she was wearing that day showed most of her boobs. We had sex all deferent positions. At some point in the evening, after more than a few drinks we ended up killing a fifth of liquor between just us two that nightI end up on his lap in a real short skirt and some thigh highs.

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I started laughing because of how bizarre the situation was considering my buddy told me the story the day before. It went something like this. Right after this I stood up from the bed because I had to pee, wrapped my naked self in his comforter, staggered to the middle of the room before I realized I was already peeing, and then just stood there and decided to finish peeing on his carpeted bedroom floor.

She was the type of girl that everyone jokes about at a party. Second oops!

Think I just carry that around with me. I left the party shortly thereafter. This girl has some nasty STD. I didn't have much to drink as I had to drive. Then there is a doorbell, again there are a bunch of people sleeping out there to deal with it, lets keep going. At this point, I am fucking plastered.


His only received information was that I was in the process of having sex and his son was laying there covered up. One thing to note here is that the dex is in open view from the doorway, the bed is tucked away in the corner.

Turns out this girl was one of her best friends. On Category: Couple Tags: drunksleepwet pussy This is the story of how my horny wife Vrushali got fucked by my friend Gourav.

She had stoeies idea about that since she had passed out after the drinks. These things I can't do with my wife. Overall, not bad.

I asked her out without admitting that I remembered nothing about meeting her, bringing her back to my place drunkeh hooking up. We go scrambling trying to find our other friends before they head out.

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I told them I will spend some more time with the boys and come home later. Then she just kept looking in to my eyes. She was looking stunning that night.