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I Am Searching Real Swingers First bisexual experience

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First bisexual experience

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I want to look forward to the next dating, the nextor the next text. As I'm sure you can tell I've got a Mature sex adds Mainz sense of humor, and I'm not afraid to use it. If so and what you really want is a soulmate to talk to, share your most personal issues with, a true friend and best liker then please consider sending me a note. Want to do some Touristy things but, don't want to do it single. Waiting forward to running into you again either by planning or fate.

Age: 37
Relationship Status: Mistress
Seeking: I Wanting Sexy Dating
City: Soldier Pond
Hair: Long natural
Relation Type: Good Married Woman Looking For A Fun Nice Girl Ltr

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I packed my things and walked over to the rest room secluded from the rest of the park, it epxerience not intentional I choose this one it was simply closer. As we kissed He began to caress my body, my chest and then worked his way to my ass.

This has occurred many times before but not this intensely, I could see me touch these men, caressing the fine asses and eventually tasting them. I found myself thing of the men I had seen laying out or walking around the heavily wooded park, it was primary on my mind. If there is another recent thread that's like this one, feel free to point me in the right direction!

I remember wanting to bring it up, but never having the guts to. I'm curious as to around what age a lot of people started realizing their sexuality I spent bisexaul next several hours in his bedroom exploring every part of ourselves. It was a wonderful spring day the temperature was mid 70s and the sun was shining, a great day to be outside.

I had never ever cum like that before, he never lost a drop of my com, and he cleaned me off completely. And make sure you include how old you were! This moment I can remember better than any other in my life, I began to move toward the back of the restroom and intentionally moved very close to him and I stopped directly behind him and gently caressed fitst firm ass cheeks.

I was about to burst, I could not contain myself any longer I had to kiss him, hold him and more experienfe feel his body against mine. He looked up into my eyes and gave me a light smile as he felt the bulge in my pants, with a gentle caress he began to free my restrictions and free my inhibitions completely. We stood and took hisexual other in visually, and we knew this was going to happen, my fantasy was now. I could not stand it anymore and shoot my load deep into the back of his mouth, and he kept working my cock like no one before or since.

Your first gay/lesbian/bisexual experience?

I was out of control, I started pumping his mouth like I had never done before. His touch was electric, like nothing I had ever felt in my life, I wished this moment had never ended.

I said yes. I would have followed him off a cliff after this encounter. Anyhow, let's call this friend "Minnie". I noticed a couple of people walking around or one guy in particular I noticed that was simply hot. Our friendship went on like normal for a long time until she ended up moving away, which I was really sad about.

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This would happen every so often at our sleepovers, in the same exact way, but whenever we woke up we never talked about it. He began to touch himself through his shorts, with gentle strokes, with his hips slightly rolling with the strokes.

His ass was firm, yet soft, and his body frist completely hairless, but the form of his ass and those shorts drove me nuts. I picked up my sandwich, and dropped by a local park in San Antonio to enjoy the afternoon.

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Well, we would often joke around a lot too, and so while talking we started being silly and started play wrestling. Fast forward to now, now that I'm finally questioning my desire towards women, I always think back to "Minnie" and wonder if my attraction to girls has always been there but I just didn't think to really explore it.

Just to be clear, it doesn't have to be only first sexual experience stories. I guess she didn't either.

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Around 2 in the morning we would usually cut out the lights, lie next to each other and talk before we drifted off to sleep. Any are welcome. After that seemed and eternity the door opened, and there he was with his arousal on display. I was like a kid in a candy store, I touched every part of him, and as I had imagined he was all that and more. It can be ones about your first crush, first kiss, first romantic connection I was about to burst, and realized I needed to relieve myself of exeprience before my balls busted.

I think she sensed this and during a heated moment while I was laying on top of her, she kissed me. He began to slide down my body slowly unbuttoning my shirt, kissing my nipples, creating a feeling I have never to this day experienced. He whispered to me that he thought it would be best if we went to his house to finish up the afternoon. I had never tasted my own cum before, but the combination of his mouth and my cum, it was fantastic.

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We embraced and it was better than I imagined, this moment alone would have been worth it, and it keeped getting better. As I entered the restroom to my surprise and joy there he was relieving himself. I had just had an appointment cancel and now I could enjoy a lunch exprrience the park, and maybe relax a bit in the park.