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Gagged utopia stories

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Either via or on the forum - thanks. If you like transgender femdom fiction then fictionmania is the place to go.

Srories this a little bit of GPDR compliance - I only want to be contacting people who gaggdd opt-in to participating in the site. If you are submitting new work bear in mind I may not immediately know what your author name is from your ; also even if you're not submitting new work but you want to continue receiving forwarded feedback about what's published already, please get in touch and let me know on what address to reach you.

My stories

Femdom Fiction My Stories Let me start by plugging my own writing. Due to attacks by gaggee, the only way to now the forum is via admin approval - apologies for this to those who genuinely want to in here and have to wait to be approved.

The lovely Gromet has decided to pass the Plaza on to me. A couple of good examples include: Stories by meaah soo. BoundStories As the name suggests this is a site slanted to general bondage rather than femdom. Please feel free to give it a try and let us have feedback on stlries you think of it.

The authors do love to hear from you, even if it's just a couple of lines, and it's an easy reward you can give back to the people putting hours and days of effort into crafting kinky tales for you to enjoy. A Sudden Mistress is a fun tease and denial story, with some bondage and chastity training mixed in. Updates Stories by Jean Chambers.

It's almost reached that time yagged year though - authors, send me your scariest, spookiest Halloween tales! I have three femdom stories available on a couple of different sites. Not to mention illegal, dangerous, non-consensual, etc.

Femdom fiction

The volunteer copy-editors uopia stepped up are doing a stellar job helping me keep on top of the big queue of submissions, a big thank you to them. I will endeavour to be at least as good a caretaker as he has been, and pay back all of the enjoyment I've received as a utopua of the Plaza all these years. This is another transgender orientated site.

The quality tends to vary pretty dramatically, but there are some real gems to be found. Send me your stories, I'd love to see them and post them here - your story to Check out the Writer's Guide for submitting stories. Lots of men forced into sexual situations as women. Autumn Winds I hope everyone is doing well out there, staying safe and revelling in whatever kinks you enjoy most.

For a more slow building story, with less sotries the top elements, check out A Place To Stay.

But the written word is one place I do enjoy going a little crazy now and again. Some good examples include: Sissy Tec by Missy Crystal. As always, if you've any feedback, about the stories or the site, feel free to feedback or post in the forums. There's still a utoipa of about three weeks from submission to publishing, but we're churning through more stories than utoopia before, so overall that's a win.

Bdsm, self bondage, mummification, chastity & packaged stories and gal

Our inbox is always open for more submissions, terrifying or not. Sadly it looks like gaggee got into an argument with the site owners and the story remains unfinished. The search has a femdom category.

Toilet play, incest, torture and heavy humiliation all feature prominently. Femdom fiction sites These are a few specialist sites with only femdom fiction. There are a mixture of transgender and cuckold stories. This is heavy on age regression and sissy treatment. New Owner jtopia Teann Daorsa Hello to all the wonderful readers and authors out there!

Unfortunately you have to up before you can access them, which is a fairly lengthy process. Tagged can be purchased via lulu. Abduction which has elements of mental domination and control.

I look for real swingers

Rogers is worth reading. Abe Froman has some interesting stories focused around bondage, humiliation and mind control. Amityworld has a collection of fun femdom stories. I wish him all the best, and hope that all Sex contacts interracial extra free time that gives can be spent on gagbed kinky pastimes. Carmenica Diaz has a collection of ebooks that require payment but also a of good free stories.

Femdom fiction sites

The search and tagging functionality is pretty basic, but there are some good stories if storifs spend the time to browse around. James Pendergrass has written numerous femdom stories, with a lot of humiliation and teasing themes. Our readers want to be made to squirm and shiver. The Donor is another tease and denial story, this time with added nurses and mummification.

Plaza Forum The Plaza Forumour own forum with all the sections of the site covered, you can read, post, leave feedback on stories, find new people, share interests and ideas Last but not least, to the readers: I hope you enjoy all the varied utopiaa.