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Gay in: mumbai – lgbt+ travel guide

Regardless of the social norms, there will always be a higher tolerance towards tourists than there is for locals. The rooms are amongst the largest in the city. We watched from the sidelines and grazed on some mysterious street food. The smaller temples feature Buddhist depictions, and it takes a few hours to get around the entire complex. Check the Queer Azaadi social media s for up-to-date information on the annual protest Sexy mature Allerton Illinois which takes place in either late January or early February each year.

So it makes sense that you can bag yourself a decent coffee and breakfast here. If you have concerns about getting sick, those are valid; however, eating street food is a quintessential Indian experience.

Mumbai gay travel

These are avoidable, so long as you know what to look out for. Social pressures to have children and honour family traditions means that many LGBT people live closeted lives. You also want to avoid crossing busy ro unless using a dedicated pedestrian crossing. Gay marriage and same-sex adoption are currently under review by the India law commission.

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Or get an on-the-spot quote from World Nom using the form below. I have to admit, the first time we visited, the hoards of tourists ruined the ambience. It is particularly striking at night when the curved coastal road illuminates in bright lights.

At this time of year, temperatures are cooler, and there is very rarely any rain. Otherwise, you can have a sit-down meal at the various restaurants along the coast. The next event is in Februaryso plan your India itinerary wisely. Or for a cheaper option, the infamous High Tea buffet comes highly recommended. If you are looking for a unique hotel experience, Le Sutra is a top choice in Mumbai.

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Not to mention how we were made to feel comfortable as an LGBT couple. There are actually Melrose sexy pussy a lot of tourist things to see and do in Mumbia, and it's a world-class city with an incredible skyline, beaches, great shopping, and a thriving culture. Attractions within the National Park include a safari, a zoo, various nature trails, and the historical Kanheri Caves.

We love to be in amongst it all and feel our senses peak as we sample various street food and chai. Check out this article for all the gat festivals in Mumbaiso you can try to tie one in with your trip. We loved travelling by train in the city.

Mumbai hotels and places to stay

The Gateway of India Across from the hotel is the Gateway of India—an architectural monument built in the early s. Staying Safe in Mumbai With a population of over 20 million people, visiting Mumbai can be a daunting prospect. So I recommend checking it out in both night and day if you have mimbai time.

With this in mind, the best time to visit Mumbai is during the Indian Winter October-March when the weather is perfect vacationing. Gateway to India, a beautiful sunrise spot Getting Around in Mumbai The most convenient way of getting around in Mumbai is by using the efficient railway system. From mymbai to recommendations to travel tips, we would love to see it all!

Although we explored Dharavi without a guidewe recommend this guided tour of Dharavi as you will learn all about life in the slum from a resident. We agreed they are one of the most fascinating architectural wonders we witnessed during all our mumbak in India. The trains are inexpensive, and generally, can take you anywhere you want to go.

Gay mumbai

Should you need health care while travelling in Mumbai, you will want the best money can buy. However, while the city may seem intimidating, it is in fact considered relatively safe for tourists. Today, the small chain has several restaurants around the town still serving what many believe to be Mumbai's best seekh kababs. The luxurious Four Seasons is yet another choice; it's location near the Race Course is convenient for sightseeing but also close to several very hip dining options.

Besides the famous attractions such as the Prince of Wales Museum and National Gallery of India, there are several others worth visiting.

Again, because of safety reasons, the parade march is very politicial and organizers don't reveal too much information at once. There are countless interesting art galleries, and museums dotted all over the city. Wander the Kala Ghoda neighborhood Not far from Colaba where most Mumbai hotels are located, the Kala Ghoda neighborhood is famous for its street art and shopping.

And India even has an openly gay prince! Travel Insurance could be your saving grace.

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However, please be sure to haggle sensibly, and pay what you genuinely think is fair for the item. Thankfully, Septemberin a historic decision, saw acts of homosexuality decriminalised in India. Mumbai also has various bus and rail lines which are awesome ways to see the city.