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How to not look high I Looking Real Swingers

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How to not look high

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Happy high! Take Care of Your Eyes Red eyes are one of the ificant hallmarks of a stoner.

Fake it ‘til you make it

Here are a few ways to keep your toke session under wraps. Change ,ook outfit This is for someone who is very nervous about others thinking they smoked cannabis. If you are indoors, then wearing sunglasses is just as suspicious as what they hide. Ad Chill out, man You can take all the right steps to remove the appearance of being stoned, but if you're still acting high, it could all be for nothing.

Get out of the office Seriously, go outside ro take a walk.

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People around will always want to establish its source. The thing is, when you make an effort to look normal, you look anything but, so focus on something else. How does one do that? Comment below or tell us about it on Facebook. Excuse yourself.

We can only remember things that our hippocampus deems important in order to facilitate a more streamline thinking process. Maybe your parents stop by, or you got called into an emergency shift at work, or you have to make a last minute trip to the store. Though this is no doubt the reason so many artists and creative thinkers credit cannabis for their work, it also a common of a hith brain.

Skip the cologne. Pull your spouse or someone else into the conversation and guide the conversation to topics that person can discuss at length — shifting the focus from you to that other person.

1. break out those eye drops

The best way to stay now from making these types of mistakes and avoid even thoughts like these is to simply be quiet. Eyedrops will cover this up perfectly.

Being high is awesome, but sometimes it's better to keep a high under wraps. The inner pressure in your eyes drops when you smoke, causing expanded blood vessels and red, glossed-over eyes. If you are new to smoking weed, just chatter down the entire conversation.

How to be stoned at work (and not get fired)

One option is to wear sunglasses on your next adventure, but that, too, can be an obvious tell. Make sure to wash too hands to cover up this smell.

Your hands will also likely reek of weed, as will your breath, so remember to use lotions and mints when you're on the go and brush your teeth whenever possible to freshen your breath and help avoid staining. Stay with People More Tolerant to Weed Another possible way of how not to look high after smoking weed is staying around people who are more tolerant of the consumption of marijuana.

Conclusion In most circumstances, people will not hibh notice that you are high. So, chew gum and hide the smell, and make sure to keep some on your person all day. Wherever possible, wear them so no one can see your eyes.

2. chew gum

Facial wipes also provide other great benefits as well, including mild exfoliation of the skin and they can be helpful to sensitive, dry skin by adding some much-needed moisture. If your mother-in-law is dragging on and you want to find a way out, you can try a few strategies. This comes hand in hand with changing your clothes, brushing your teeth and burning incense or light scented candles to put you into a different mood and help you to stop smelling like weed.

Double damn. Try your best to avoid asking questions, if the answer is a yes, simply reply as a yes and if the reply is a no, simply say no. The above tips will be useful in helping you not to look high after smoking weed.

How to not look high after smoking weed? 7 tips to disguise your high

Take yourself to the kitchen and get a large glass of water. Cannabis For You, Near You the Herb community and get exclusive offers, early access to products, and good vibes. You inhale a nice breath of cannabis and sit back to enjoy the effects.

A last-minute trip to the bank or visit with the in-laws, for example, might best be handled under the guise of a straight head. Npt open them a tad wider then normal, but like not cocaine wide!

But then it happens — you get a call from a friend or maybe your parents want to swing by for a visit. Be warned, though, over use of these products can cause you to develop a tolerance and may even lead to rebound hyperemia, or chronic red-eye.

A quick swipe across the face with a wet wipe will bring your senses t to life. Try to relax and distract yourself with something else. It might be challenging to act like everything's normal, but it is the best way of convincing people that everything is okay.

Avoid Conversation Topics that Are Too Deep Sometimes, marijuana can make you think and say things in a much different way than when you are sober. Keep hand sanitizer on hand to rid yourself of both the smell and the lingering green residue from breaking up that flower. Facial wipes tl perfect for these moments.

Pass off your mother-in-law to someone else. To use it, just blow the smoke through the tube to make it smell like laundry day instead of Do not ask questions.