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Kenny everett rod stewart

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Thanks for watching and I hope to hear from hopefully the like of my life.

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Well, I've got a favor to ask you.

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And Cliff Richard did the show quite a lot, we took the Mickey out of him everet lot and he loved it. They are stuff, right.

We felt. So I'm supposed to actually look as if I didn't know that was actually gonna happen. You might remember him interviewing all of them, with himself playing all the brothers.

I mean and we've had stars and we've had stars but this is a star and three quarters ladies and gentlemen that famous Bannon legs. Anyway, he didn't know that was gonna happen.

What about? I've always wanted to ask you this.

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It was horrible. If he did ever change it, it was for the better. Hi Tony.

They listened to comedy, which was what they loved to relax with. Let me touch you.

He had been happily married, of course, to Lee Middleton. I don't know about yours go. He was an amazing character.

Kenny did a character called Sid Snot, and we were going to do a soap, The Snots. More from The Sunday Post.

Chris Dverett said to me that, in his time, Kenny was the man, the No 1. His new show, in which he was forced to come up with some new characters, was a hit, too.

They'll be so filthy. Can I touch you were about darling just touching.

My mother is not gonna put up with this. Now and again, something annoyed him kennny you could tell, but mostly he just went with the flow.

As he points out, a simple twist of fate could have seen Kenny still entertaining us now, instead of having died at just 50, in Well, we were the modest version of Eric And Ernie — they got big actors and we got music biggies. And the stockings and suspenders on the back when he turned round and was chased by Bowie.