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Kind hearted meaning

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Employed, no children, partially educated, due to personal issues I dropped out half way through my Jr year of college kinx I returned 2 years ago working on a totally different degree program. Hello, I have a best appreciation for servicemen. I now work for the government as a contractor on a armed federal task force. If you happen to see your reflection ,ind the mirror and admire humbly the hard work you put into your body, mind and life then you are for me.

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Morley They were not ashamed of their tears,—these kind-hearted, gentle Acadiens. Rose Charlitte Marshall Saunders She had loyally adopted Char's prejudice, but was too kind-hearted not to try furtively to make up for it. When someone loses their home in a fire, their kindhearted neighbors will meanning in to help them.

Your very favorite people are probably the ones who are most kindhearted. A truly meanning reaction to seeing someone who's lost or in trouble is to stop and help them.

Random Word kindhearted If you're kindhearted, you're a considerate and empathetic person. Little Mitchell Margaret W.

Kindhearted is almost a synonym of kind, but it implies an even deeper layer of sympathy and compassion. Tales from Dickens Charles Dickens and Hallie Erminie Rives And though she did not like his looks, the gentlemans wife was too kind-hearted to drive him away.

It's kindhearted to welcome new people to your community, to give money to someone who needs it, or to offer your subway seat to someone who looks tired.