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Koh lanta nightlife

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It is one of my favourite haunts where the music builds up all night. The only weird part is that it seems the bar and kitchen work separately if you buy an alcoholic drink you have to pay for this upfront when they bring it to you.

Some nights it really does rock and can be impressive with the vibe. A great place to watch live sports on the many TV screens over the weekend, or play pool, throw darts or listen to the wide selection of music. The owner, Jamie, is on-site to make sure that everything comes out exactly as you've been craving.

Traveller Lane — Long Beach In the past few years, a road to Long Beach has evolved into a mecca for people to congregate together. The Rock Beach Bar is located on the northwest tip of Koh Lanta Yai, at the edge of a small peninsula where the waves lap up on either side of you as you navigate your way to the Coco Cape Eco Resort, the bar's host.

From there it's a series of turns down back lane style streets, until finally you arrive at the Lanta Emerald Resort, the bar's host. Not only do they look after the cats and dogs at their shelter, they also do a lot of work in educating people on the island about caring for animals.

Where to go at night in koh lanta

Live five shows are on the beach with seating set out too. A nice shake or nightlire is to be taken with friends any time of the day or night. Pangea is also a great place to hang out in the day and watch the sunsets from the bar. Ticket prices are baht for adults and baht for children.

Koh lanta nightlife

The old town is picturesque. At the bottom of the road on the left side, there is a small convenience store selling cheap alcohol with seating outside the shop. One of a handful of places where some DJs can spin vinyl. The Why Not Bar is the antidote to daily life in a city. You can kick back big time, because your responsibilities will never find you as you gaze upon the gentle slope of the mountains rising up towards the sky on either side.

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The village is rich with history and culture. We Looking for warmth have a newsletter list which outlines specials and events every month, so please visit out newsletter to stay up to date on whats happening over the upcoming months throughout Krabi and Koh Lanta. Sometimes, we could all use a day off to do nothing but soak up the sun on a deserted and sandy beach.

The party starts at 9 pm with progressive, tech house and techno music been played.

These spacious bungalows sit next to the beach in a garden area, balconies with hammocks on the porch are niggtlife bonus too. If you are in Kantiang Bay turn right along the beach and you will find the Shroom Bar which is an interesting party spot. The menu here is not huge, but every item counts with such succulent and familiar items as bangers and mash, beef and Guinness stew, chicken wings or fish and chips with optional imported cod.

Freedom bar

We recommend World Nom Travel Insurance as reputable and cost-effective travel insurers for both families and single lqnta. Hub Of Joys regular have comments stating the best hostel people have stayed in on their travels.

It is a long strip of sandy sometimes dusty road around metres long running from the main road to the beach. It's even an adventure to get to. Long Beach itself is pretty long and all the bars and party nights are in the northern part of the beach. Cheeky Monkey gets really busy on a Friday night with Nighflife music.

Top nightlife in ko lanta, thailand

Irish Embassy Traditional Irish bar, located on the main road just before Phrae Ae, often shows International Sports matches alongside a good selection of International beers. The Pirates Pool Party recognise people driving to and from the pool party may have problems, so responsibly provide a free pick up service and free drop off service at night. The party starts at until very late the next morning.

If you're hungry, grab a bite at the ading restaurant, serving up Thai They seem to have mixed reviews, with some reports of drinks nightilfe spiked and shady staff members. Nightly food and beer specials like Wednesday's free beer with any burger, or Sunday's roast with Yorkshire pudding, veggies and red wine gravy will have you drooling. Music starts at until with the Dynamic band.

Koh lanta nightlife

The shelter is home to around 30 dogs nihhtlife 60 cats. They offer dorm rooms with an only female, only male or mixed bunk beds available.

You can stay longer, but be prepared to spend a lot of time lounging around as a beach bum. Party starts at There are many beach bars to wander between like Rasta NightilfeOttos Bar and Grill and one bar not to be missed on any night is Mongs Bar.

Then in the far south on Saturday nights just off the beach is party night at the Korner Bar. The bar hosts free pool tables, fire shows, delicious cocktails, and great music.

The real party starts at 9 pm until 4 am but you can go earlier to watch sunset and enjoy drinks and food in the restaurant. Five days will allow you plenty of time to visit the main hotspots, and also discover some of the lesser-known parts of the island.