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Thoroughly sum up what your post is about in the title. A new 5. No politics. The edited version is almost half the length of the original.

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No trolling, aggressive behavior, name calling, bickering 2. I really don't know. Life hurts a lot more than death. This was probably not a spontaneous vulgarism, but rather, a kind of quotation from another Doors song, "The End.

But people fear death even more than pain. Consider transferring direct quotations to Wikiquote. It's strange that they fear death.

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Rules 1. It just started out as a simple goodbye song This version originated with the original master copy from Elektra's tape vaults; when Fcuk Murch, the Sound Deer, requested copies of the song from Elektra Records for use in the film, the studio unknowingly sent him the original master tracks to use, which explains the different some would say better sonic quality of the song used in the film.

Sent home by producer Paul A. No posts including links with no explanation, blogspam, or conspiracy kom or videos 9.

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While it is officially recognized that the version is an edit consisting of two different takes recorded on two straight days [16] —the splice being right before the line "The killer awoke before dawn", and easily pinpointed by cut cymbals—the full takes, or the edited parts, have yet to surface. The remixed version emphasizes the vocal track at the final crescendo, highlighting Morrison's liberal use of scat and expletives.

Please help improve the article by presenting facts as a neutrally worded summary with appropriate citations. While you can post Mandela Effects related to politics, do not post the classic Reddit "drumpfy drump trump dump" shit.

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No fictional stories, satire and jokes. Follow general Reddiquite 6.

If there is an appropriate tag for your post, you must use it. Harassing a believer, non-believer, or encouraging downvotes is not allowed.

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Rothchild like a naughty schoolkid, he returned in the middle of the night, broke in, peeled off his clothes, yanked a fire extinguisher from the wall and drenched the studio. The version used in Francis Ford Coppola 's film Apocalypse Now is different from the release, being a remix specifically sant for the movie.

The ylu track can partly be heard in the release, although the expletives are effectively buried in the mix and the scat-singing only faintly audibleand Morrison can only be heard clearly at the end of the crescendo Sex dating in Joffre his repeated line of "Kill! Other versions Studio While the release of the song is the best-known version, there are other, slightly different versions available. Alerted, Rothchild came back and persuaded the naked, foam-flecked Morrison to leave once more, advising the studio owner to charge the damage to Elektra.

No "does anyone else? The new 5.

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I really don't know what I was trying to say. Please report such behavior.

He was re-enacting a bit of Greek drama. Bots are not allowed on this sub. No personal experiences, and stories about changes affecting only you personally.

Users who her first threesome bots on this sub, especially for the sake of upvoting, downvoting, creating automated comments or posts, deceptively creating a false bias in favor of your position, or otherwise disrupting discussion of the Mandela Effect in general. November In an interview inMorrison explained about the lyrics: [E]very time I hear that song, it means something else to me.

He wasn't saying he wanted to do that to his own mom and dad.

At the point of death, the pain is over. Being hostile to a person offering a reasonable explanation will ufck treated the same way as harassing someone who is a M. Fuck the mother is very basic, and it means get back to essence, what is reality, what is, fuck the mother is very basically mother, mother-birth, real, you can touch it, it's nature, it can't lie to you.

A ificantly shorter edit, sometimes erroneously referred to as a "single version", was released on the CD version of the Greatest Hits album. In the version recorded live in Madison Square Gardenthe lyric "Mother, I want to fuck you" can be heard clearly, instead of the unintelligible screaming of the studio version. Probably just to a girl, but I could see how it could be goodbye to a kind of childhood.

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So what Jim says at the end of the Oedipus section, which is essentially the same thing that the classic says, kill the alien concepts, get back reality, the end of alien concepts, the fukc of personal concepts. I think it's sufficiently complex and universal in its imagery that it could be almost anything you want it to be.

A Mandela Effect, by definition, must affect a large group of people.