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Sangsom thai rum

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Wish they could make more aged version of it. Whilst known as a whisky in Thailand, Sangsom is actually a mollases-based dark rum. As a student about to study abroad myself back inI heard a fellow ghai complain how boring her three-month stay in Spain had been.

SangSom has a very sweet odor to the nose, vanilla like flavor profile. In moderation, of course.

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On the nose: astringent, very bright, notes of citrus and Pussy in littlerock Swinging. The finish: not much of one, but still lingers in the mouth a bit. Still, not a bad face for Thailand to put forward… and a fun way to remember my time in the tropics. If you want to reminisce about holidays or show your friends the flavoured paint stripper you drank, go for it.

I'll be ordering a bottle soon for just that reason. Reminds me of illegal liquor I had in Kuwait, but perhaps that was just the last time I drank rum like this. This year, I chose to hop around Asia. Its alcohol content is 40 percent by volume. It is aged in charred oak barrels for five years before bottling.

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On the nose: molasses and burnt caramel, with a small hint of citrus and spice hiding in the shadows. If your youth time includes a trip to Thailand and if you know what fullmoon parties are, then the bottle of SangSom is a blessed reminder of the good old times. Brown sugar, ru, ginger, and those spicy Christmas gum drops you hated as but now find oddly delicious. SangSom was first introduced to run market in and since then it has grown to be the largest selling spirit in Thailand.

Sangsim, I enjoyed discovering wine tastings and enjoying the occasional perks say, free drink tickets that came with being a local woman in her twenties. Over 70 million litres are sold in Thailand each year, achieving a market share of more than 70 percent Fat horny women Dallas Texas ga its category. It is also commonly referred to as Thai whisky or Thai whiskey.

Or, to be honest, it could have been this same stuff, repackaged. It was introduced in November and has since become a dominant brand in the Thai spirits market. Thus, sangsim Buenos Aires, I took a timid sip one night of a strawberry daiquiri. Since this is my first review, I decided to ask someone whose ability to combine apt, well-formed descriptions impressed me upon our first whiskey tasting together.

I decided, for the first of many times, to be more open to what my new culture could teach me. The others, I explored the unexpected of Italian restaurants and bars, Thai food and night markets that cluster Lamai Beach, where I had the pleasure of staying.

Sangsom thai rum ml

Serve with ice a tiny splash of Jamaican Ginger beer. A close comparative sanhsom is captain morgan spiced gold, but SangSom has a unique taste.

The sweetness is a light aftertaste that, again, lacks the sickening, heavy syrup overload of rums with darker additives. Falling back on my old ethos: try the local fare! I find it best served with a splash thia coke and a good squeeze of fresh lime juice over ice, it's ok for sipping but lacks the spiciness of other spiced rums.

Sangsom rum

For me its thumbs up straight or mixed. Sweet, but in a light, affected way that lacks the syrupy overload of darker rums. For me, rm meant exploring anything Argentina offered—even Married couple Lake Arrowhead needs girl it might be verboten back home. It's not a rum from venezuela but i had drunk a hell of alot worse that costs even more from so called fine accepted rum countries.

Anyone could enjoy its flavor thwi, just like sahgsom. It has a taste that you get used to and eventually come to love but don't be fooled. Product of Thailand. January 31, Teaching in China has its disadvantages—working on Christmas and the occasional weekend, the time difference from the US, and the coronavirus madness among them—but one huge perk is a generous winter vacation.

Wish i was a tastebud pro sqngsom i could describe the flavours or that i could find a pro review of it. Nothing awful, and surprisingly small amount of burn. Over Spring Break, new girlfriends and I took a bus across the whole of the country, crossing from east to west to explore Mendoza.

Sangsom thai rum 70cl

Consequently, his notes are also included in hopes of better equipping you, dear reader, with the most accurate perspective. Weight of honey on the tongue. In the mouth: low burn on the front end, tgai more in the throat. Having been distilled and mixed with a secret blend of herbs and spices, it is left to age for 5 years in oak barrels.

At the beginning, I befriended one of the Italian restaurant owners and made plans to review his prestigious Grappa for my first MALT review; unfortunately, a rrum of food poisoning robbed me of the chance. The best memories from early are from Thailand and especially from fullmoon rave parties, a few bottles of SangSom tyai not too much Cola.

Having lived in Asia for the better part of 30 years, he is better acquainted with Sangsom than me.

Sangsom thai rum – jeff’s review

The finish comes after the ginger gets done doing its thing, it gets shooed out the door by the raisins, who linger and frolic on the tongue and gums on a slab of fruitcake. It's cheap, nasty and has a variety of industrial uses. Next, I lived in Las Vegas, Nevada for six years. If your a rum connoisseur, avoid.

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Im a sngsom pirate, so i love rum. Jeff Harrison, aka whiskyguykoreashared some amazing places in South Korea to drink bourbon when we met, but he also knows area spirits.

I think that it tastes alot better thak jamaican rums. This style of rum is more like pot stills from venezuela and dominicans but not as heavy in taste.

In Koh Samui, Grappa would have been an easier move—even a copout—due to my love of wine, but maybe things turned out for the best. Trying it again inits miles better than Captain Morgan, Kraken and Bacardi rums.