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Submissive kneeling

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Like this:. How do I get over this mindset? Life becomes pretty simple and narrow in that moment.

Feet and hands in submissive position

There are two methods I prefer. The submissivs is to slide one foot across behind the other, slowly bending the knees until close to the floor, and then adjusting to bring the knees side by side. Do you kneel in front of your Dominant partner at any point of your service?

I wait for him. Damn those wisdom teeth for not allowing more of that!

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I just happen to find pleasure on submmissive knees in multiple ways. Keep us running with your support Learn more with these related books. I wait to submit and serve, and in that moment, serving is my sole purpose.

Having your leg give out under you as you rise may be cause for some mirth on the part of your Dominant, but will not earn you points for grace. Try laying your feet flat so that the tops submossive your feet are on the floor and rest back on your calves.

Getting into a kneeling submissive position

Elegance and grace are important. The second is to bend forward from the waist.

Kneel down resting on your calves. Do this in front of a mirror if you can.

Crawling and kneeling in dominance and submission

The vanilla aspects of like make other submission a little more difficult sometimes. What next?

When you are online, it can be expected that you will be spending most of your time kneeling, however in real life, it may not be expected at all. How can you make it look graceful, composed and sensual?

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You can get an jneeling in the lifestyle but none of it is professional, accredited or official in any capacity. Written by lunaKM I've never been a submissive but my new boyfriend is a professionally trained Dominant that has been in the lifestyle for many years.

My first exposure to real time BDSM involved a little bit of kneeling. But when I feel this submissive, this small, he could stretch my limits in ways I might never imagine on my own. I kneel during my reflections and this morning my focus after the prayer was on the act of kneeling.

Submissive kneeling & positions…practice makes perfect

Once down, he will use his crop and get me in a pleasing position. Share this:.

If you do not have kmeeling cushion and must kneel on a hard floor, I recommend doing regular core strengthening exercises so that you are able to lift your body weight off your ankles slightly while kneeling. And if you feel that way, more power to you. From the above it will be clear that to kneel gracefully and properly is not an easy position, and should not be treated as such.

Rest your feet with the tops against the floor and then bending your toes under for support. Just a refresher here, doing what he pleases with me gets me off. But in that moment, kneeling at his feet, I would do anything he wanted, anything at all.

Ensure that your hands are in a comfortable position and not stretched too far forward, as you may not fiddle or move about until you are released from the position. But, seeing as this is my space, I have something a bit different on my mind.

Submissive position: kneeling

If you are conquering your positions, and want little more challenge…. Getting up and down, you will need practice…. Do you connect with why kneeling is his preference?

How do I know? Try different placements of your one available hand; the one not supporting your weight.

It demonstrates, strength, humility, devotion, and just simple contentment being at His feet. Usually, the only reason I shift position or move before he tells me to is from an aching knee. I tilt my head back to look up at him, straining my neck a little. I curtsy or bow, depending on if I'm carrying items, before entering KnyghtMare's office to show him the respect of his personal space.