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Surprise glory hole I Seeking Sexual Partners

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Surprise glory hole

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Must be ddf and at least trimmed. I'm black 6'4 clean and seeking for some fun.

Age: 33
Relationship Status: Married
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Hair: Not important
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Slowly, I pulled his cock out of my mouth, licking the shaft as it went out. This was going to be an interesting entry into my surpriwe, I thought as I cleaned up and made my way out to the parking lot. His cum was all over my glasses, my face, and my shirt.

Before I knew what happen or could say anything the cock disappeared through the hole. It was beyond anything I had ever felt. Up and down the shaft my hand went, while I sucked on it like a cum hungry little slut. I did find your comment funny lol, good one fucker!

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I had the best of both worlds. That whole Mexican experience only took ten minutes.

For the second time in as many weeks I was walking home. As I sat there pondering why I was here and what I was feeling, I got bumped again.

I will admit that I can't tell "actors dicks" from any other dicks. I did not see the hole in the wall in the stall until I was hit with a rude and nasty surprise.

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I bet the last time that it was sheer coincidence that it happened. I figured I should do something before he attracted too bole attention.

What did he expect me to do? I had given my first blowjob, which put me in a really great mood. What was I going to glkry until then? I would never tell.

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But if I didn't answer she would freak out. When I came to my senses I was alone.

When I got to the park I needed to pee really bad, so I went to the public restroom that all parks have. For the billionth time I wished there was no wall between this holee and me, so that I could feel the entire length of the cock I was sucking.

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When I turned around and looked, I was in shock. I bumped into my dad who was racing around the corner of the other restroom himself.

So how dare this pervert do this to me? But I almost laughed when his cell began ringing. My parents had brought me up to be a proper young surprisf.

I don't know what possessed me, but suddenly I kissed it. Trance like, I found myself walking across the restroom floor toward the stall once again. Everything about this situation was so foreign to me. Dad and I laughed, told silly jokes and generally got along just great.

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We both realized why we were coming out of the restrooms. Slowly I took my tongue and ran it down then back up its entire hple. I ran my tongue up and down his shaft, causing him to moan very loud. The drive home was great. Just as my nose buried in his kinky public hair and my lips wrapped around the bottom of his cock, I heard him moan, "I'm cumming!

Finally, the day came and I found myself almost in a rush to get to the park. The thought excited me, yet scared me.

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I too looked at my dad then at the men's room and wondered if he was coming out of that door. The more I sucked the more I wanted. Then he shot two more times. Timidly I eased open the stall door and looked in. I was caught off guard and pulled back. Leaning forward I put my ear nearer to the wall so that I could hear better as I continued to work on that monster in front of me.

I sucked it faster, longer and harder than I ever sucked a cock before. Mom had been calling to make sure that we were surprrise straight home without delay. As I daydreamed, I sat there waiting for another cock to be put through the hole.

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My blood ran hot and my face was flushed with excitement as I watched the head swelling up even bigger and like a little eye the pee-hole was opening and closing with each stroke of her hand. Despite my best efforts, he was taking forever. Again those wonderful feeling flowed through surpriise body as my hands were quickly jerking it off.

For the first time since I began sucking cocks, my hand pulled up my skirt and began playing with my hot wet pussy. Up until a week ago I never had seen a cock and now I was thinking about surpfise on my third one. About a foot above the back of the commode there was this hard thick throbbing cock pointing at my face.