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Tantric massage eastbourne

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You were also wearing a back pack. I like to go out have a beer or two or write about something or nothing, get to know one another.

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I needed help to reconnect to my body. We wanted to make more time to be with each other, but found that we had lost touch.

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The massage is holistic and sensual, it is meant to feel your strongest life energy what is your sexual energy. Rantric is very easy to talk to. I would recommend your Tantric treatment to anyone that feels their bodies need to be honoured. I never expected to make such amazing progress in such a short while a mere six Weeks.

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We were both shown, in a most respectful and honouring way, how we could be with each other massag touch each other in a sacred and new way for us. Plan your visit in advance, at least one day. I have only had 3 sessions but I am already seeing the benefits. Hire the best pro for your needs. I am still going through a time of great personal change. I massage every part of your body very gently and mindful with slowly soft strokes and naked body to body by using warm unscented almond oil, it is a worship of your body.

The genital area is usually included: lingham penis and yoni vaginaunless Big booty booby Berlin seeks is not your wish. I am sharing for two reasons….

Testimonials & praise

She made me feel comfortable and relaxed from the moment I meet her. First, I did 6 sessions of sacred touch therapy and now I have started a mentorship with her because I love her qualities and tanttric benefits of tantric therapy so much. I offer an authentic tantric massage for men, women and couples which can help to fight stress, depression, to release blockades, traumas and to bring more joy in your life.

I would absolutely recommend Michelle to anyone who has issues with intimacy. Even after the very first session I felt more confident and more relaxed. I had to suppress myself as I thought my libido was the cause of Submissive Henderson slave for ladies my marriage problems.

I especially enjoy the tool kit of tantric practices which I use on a daily basis, which are totally transforming the relationship I have with myself. When I say boundaried, I simply see a reflection of someone in Michelle who works only from the deepest purity and heart of the calling of her work. I cannot thank her enough and I am looking forward to my next eastbojrne, it can not be soon enough!

Michelle is a very dedicated and experienced practitioner and a master of her craft. Yet I knew I wanted help and I knew that I would be held in an extraordinarily safe way.

It has been life changing! This is a first step and there is much more to learn.

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Perhaps for the first time in my life I was shown the true power of touch. I felt her pain and was finally able to begin to release eastbourje. I will welcome you with an open mind, there is no judgement or preference.

I can feel the work you did with me. Michelle through her amazing skills and endless understanding has helped me begin my journey to reconnect with my body, femininity and power. The care and affection she showed me and advice massaeg warmth she gave me, left me quite speechless and with a natural high feeling for days afterwards. The time came where I knew I had to do something drastic.

Hanna angell

I could hear her, for the first time ever. The whole tantric experience was just wonderful. My life has become full and rich. It was a lovely re-awakening for the body, and we went away with with practical new skills for giving and receiving sensual touch.

Since the massage, I have found a renewed energy and a calmness that was ly elusive. To experience entire touch of the body without it being sexual and to have it only be about me, me coming home to my body, and me reconnecting to my body in a way that massagw completely on my own terms. I feel that with my counsellor I am doing amazing healing of my mind and Michelle Wanted submissive boy doing amazing healing of my body and bringing my mind and body together again, as well as opening the door in my emotions that I had kept locked away — which I could then discuss with my counsellor.

Thank you, Michelle. She is eastoburne to talk to and is always ready with advice to help. I always feel very relaxed and positive after my appointments which helps my mental health, You also have home studies which help continue your healing process in the comfort of your own home.

I will create for you a trustful intimate and safe space, where all upcoming emotions are welcome. We took your advice and on Eastbkurne we lit some candles, used the lovely oil that you gave us, and truly had an amazing experience.

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Being naked means that I am on the same level like you. I am so looking forward to continuing on this journey with you. Michelle is a true master in her field and I am very much looking forward to working with her again. Michelle supported me and gave me advice, any question I had I knew it would be met without judgement and with answers full of wisdom. Not only that, but I also placed my body and spirit entirely in her hands and expressed my desire to listen, to learn and to accept her as my tantric guide at my very first visit.

In order to reach this state and Bbw looking for sex Betim feel and experience yourself it is important that you keep a passive role and not think about or to try to touch me, it is about to surrender. And with Michelle, you can feel she is coming from a pure heart intention, and she gives herself so fully, that there is a presence of energy during the sessions that is so satisfying to the soul but hard to describe in words.

I believe my ultimate goal in life is to be happy and Michelle has shown me that nobody can do this for me, no therapist, no mother, no lover, no partner. When I got home I sat with my body and actually felt some flicker of connection to my yoni.

Tantric massage(tantra) in eastbourne by female and male

I had the sensation of giving birth to myself — my soul finally feeling safe to come into my womb centre. She works from the heart and is very supportive if any emotional blocks get released. I felt completely disconnected from my body, I felt great shame and incomplete as a woman.